We take care of everything, because we know how important it is, if your website is not up to date, it is more likely to get full of viruses or eventually stop being seen.

What is the purpose of maintenance and updates
on your website?

In WPSteampro we offer a service plan for maintenance, updates and improvements dedicated to your WordPress pages, specifically, their rates and prices that are intended for the maintenance service for your page, will depend on your knowledge of the subject, your needs, the importance you give it and the level of commitment you have with your project.

Backup copies

It is of great importance to have a backup of all the information, to be prepared for any threat or failure, we help you to protect your website.

Core upgrades

Keeping it up to date is a must for a secure website, as each update comes with security patches.


Any questions?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you should hire the maintenance service for your WordPress site now.

What improvements do we offer?

Updates for plugins.

We update your plugins to the latest versions. In the case of other more advanced maintenance, we also perform updates of premium plugins.

Available for WooCommerce

Available for WooCommerceAll our maintenance service includes WooCommerce updates.

Monitoring your Web site.

You never know when your website will have problems. We monitor it so we know immediately if something important happens to your website.

Optimized speed.

Your users require web pages that load quickly and this is one of the factors that Google takes into account for positioning. We optimize your page to load as fast as possible.

Recovery and backups.

Have you lost something you shouldn't have? Has your website suffered an attack or a problem and you lost all the information? We recover your website using the most recent copy.

Frequently asked questions!

Because WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). This means that anyone has access to the source code of the web engine and most of the plugins and templates, so if any vulnerability occurs, your site will be defenseless if the necessary updates are not applied and could cause an attack or unwanted intrusion with consequences that can be fatal for your business.

Yes, we do weekly backups for the entire site. All our rates include state-of-the-art servers to achieve the highest performance and reliability. All hosting plans have a control panel for real-time resource management.

In order for us to update your template and plugins to the latest versions, it is necessary that you have the corresponding licenses. If you are using an unlicensed template or plugin, you should seriously consider purchasing it. In addition, basic maintenance generally does not include the update of paid plugins, with some exceptions that will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, you will have telephone or email access to WPSTeampro technical support to resolve any questions or problems that may arise.

Yes, the Standard and Advanced maintenance plans include monthly web consulting that you can use to make minor changes to the site.

No, hosting is only included as an extra in our web design rates. But if you need it, we can provide it. Having maintenance and hosting in the same place is the most recommendable.

Get to know us too!

Analysis for broken links

When you test and it turns out that there is no longer that link to your page from years ago that you didn’t see anymore. You will discover that it directly affects your SEO. We analyze the entire site for broken links. If it can be fixed, we fix it, and if not, we remove it. 


We guarantee the movement of data between domains without loss or deterioration of security. If you want to bring your website to us, we will perform the migration. At a good price.

Update for templates.

All your templates also need to be updated for the most part. If you use a premium template, you will need the corresponding license and permissions.

Web Consulting

We reserve time during the month for whatever you want: 
Modify a section, add an article to your blog, install a new plugin, make adjustments to the template, etc.


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