WordPress for APK

We are dedicated to building a solution for WP Use the tools of PWA technology in your favor and provide a better experience for your user.

Is building a WordPress app for Mobile a good strategy?

When it comes to developing an application for your business, you have several options. For example, you can create one completely from scratch. However, this is time-consuming and can be costly, especially if you don’t have an in-house developer.
Si ya tienes un sitio de WordPress lleno de contenido, una mejor solución es transformar ese contenido en una aplicación móvil. Esto proporciona una serie de ventajas.

Offline forms

Offline forms for PWA will provide support for storing your form data in offline mode


Full compatibility

AMP has been a priority from day one of the PWA development cycle.

Service worker

It helps you to take advantage of the background process managers of modern browsers.

Add to main screen

Directly access a person's list of installed applications (home screen) on the phone.

Offline support

The website will be available for viewing even when the user is offline, with analytics support.

Mobile user experience

You can change the application icon, splash screen and even the full screen experience.

Continuous development

We will work hard to continuously develop this solution and release updates on an ongoing basis.

What is a PWA?

PWA or Progressive Web Apps are mobile sites built on a JS framework that offer users a native app-like experience.
PWAs are normal websites but have some of the features of a mobile app.
To be considered a PWA, a site must achieve a user experience like this:

There is no need to re-code or reprogram the site to add PWA functionality.

Pull to upgrade

The pull to refresh extension for PWA helps users to refresh the page within the PWA application.

Other functions

Icon library

Loads the Icon Library extension with various icons for the PWA application.

Call to action

The call-to-action extension makes it easy for users to add the website to the home screen.

Data analysis

Easily track PWA APPLICATION installations!

Progress bar

Scroll the progress bar of the PWA extension indicator to display the current reading position.

Complementary weight

PWA to APK plugin for PWA extension to generate APK from PWA-enabled website


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